Therapy is a personal and unique journey, people often come to see me for support for their general mental health issues, which include: anxiety, panic attacks, low mood, feelings of hopelessness, low self-esteem & confidence, etc. Additionally I also have the experience of dealing with clients who have had  commitment issues, addiction issues such as substance misuse, alcohol, sex and gambling, and childhood issues and traumas.

 kintsugi (金継ぎ), an ancient Japanese practice that beautifies broken pottery. One can almost see the manifestation to human suffering. Knowing when to come to therapy can be a difficult decision particularly allowing oneself to be open and vulnerable about how we are feeling. Most often clients continue to suffer in silence due various reasons and the fear of being judged or looking weak. This can be challenging as we often feel the need to cope regardless of how bad things are. However, we wouldn’t expect someone with a physical health injury to suffer in silence. Therefore, if we could use the same empathy for mental health issues it may allow one to seek support and find healthy coping mechanisms in order to reduce emotional pain. 

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